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Premiers’ Puppet Parade

Premiers Parade July 2012 – photo by Tony Tracy

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Premiers under construction










Premiers of Canada: Don’t be Puppets, Stand Up to Stephen Harper! Protect Public Health Care!

What: Participate in a premiers puppet parade!
Where: Outside the Public Library on Spring Garden Road
When: Wednesday, July 25th, 1pm


Health Care Actions During the Council of the Federation, July 25-27

Canada’s First Ministers are meeting in Halifax from July 25-27 as the Council of the Federation.  The future of public health care is on the agenda.

The Nova Scotia Citizens’ Health Care Network, Council of Canadians, and allies are organizing several public events to show the premiers that Canadians are watching and we want action to protect, strengthen and extend public health care. The federal government must return to the negotiating table.

All are welcome to the events. Please check their website for additional details:

Check out the EVENTS section for details on the puppet action.

Power to the People bucanners assemble to challenge Emera’s profiteers

Puppets Et Cetera! joins Solidarity Halifax and SolidariGLEE in challenging Emera’s monopoly control of NS Power.

Follow this link for more info on the campaign and media coverage:
Power to the People bucanners assemble to challenge Emera’s profiteers.

Transit solidarity and Council Farce

Puppets Et Cetera! and the Halifax-Dartmouth and District Labour Council mounted a mock HRM council meeting featuring an effigy of our mayor for the amusement of transit workers on strike and their supporters at a rally on Sunday, Feb 12, 2012.

A farce inspired by a farce

photo by Adrien Veczan, Chronicle Herald

“What the hell do all these people want? It’s like they want to live in a world where workers have a say about their working conditions! […]

Another strike! Dammit, if only they would camp somewhere, then we could just send the cops and evict them!” – Peter Kelly (the puppet)

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